How to make a simple Twitter tweet bot using Twittbot


If you want to create a simple Twitter bot that tweets tines, images, and videos every amount of time, Twittbot is probably the only website that can create your own simple Twitter bot if you don’t have any coding knowledge.


Assuming you have your Twitter account for auto tweeting ready.

Going to Twittbot’s homepage, and pressing the large “LOGIN” button, will authorize this website to access your Twitter account.

Twittbot's login method

But before the webpage will be redirected to the authorization page, it redirects to a webpage to prove that you’re a human, trying to authorize.

Select the number that’s shown in the small image. You don’t have to click on ‘Submit’.

Twittbot's login

Press on the large ‘LOGIN’ button again.

Twitter's app authorization page

You will now be redirected to the Twitter’s app authorization page. Click on ‘Authorize app’.

Twittbot modules page

Now you’re on the Twittbot modules page.

Twittbot's settings page

Let’s start with the settings page.

The first 5 settings (except ‘TimeLime reply’) matter for creating your tweet bot.

You can run or stop the bot from the ‘Status’ setting.

You can change the sorting of the tweet order either from the first order to the end (The order of registration), or random, in the ‘Order’ setting.

You can change the tweet interval time from 30 minutes to 24 hours in the ‘Tweet interval’ setting. (The English translation on the page is incorrect. If you switch the language to Japanese and you go to the settings page, you can see the correct selections.)

You can change the sorting of the random reply order either random, or from the first order to the end (The order of registration), in the ‘Reply setting’.

You can save the settings by click on the ‘OK’ button.

Let’s go with the tweet methods.

There are 4 tweet methods. tweeting, reply commands, random reply, and tweeting in a specific time and date.

The first method is tweeting.

Twittbot's tweet method

You can input text, and add it to the list of inputs to be posted.

If you want to add images and videos to the list too, here’s how.

If the video or image you want to add isn’t posted on Twitter before, post it to your account, or any other account you have.

The tweet

As an example, I have this tweet with an image posted to the account I want to have the bot on it.

The tweet's menu

Click on the arrow at the top of the tweet, and go to “Embed Tweet”.

You will be redirect to a new tab with a new page.

Coping the embed tweet

Scrolling down to the content of the page, there is code with a button that copies it.

The code with the link highlighted

Copy the code by pressing the button, paste it in a text document, and search for “”.

The link pasted to the tweet text area

Copy the whole link, and paste it inside the text area.

The multi tweet text area

You can add many lines in the same text area by clicking on ‘Multi line’. As it says above the text area, One line equals one tweet.

The tweet page with the lines being added

If you click on ‘Add’, all of the lines will be added as shown.

Now going to the second method, which is replying.

The reply text areas

You can add reply commands from there.

The small text area is the reply command after mentioning the account, and the large text area is the reply to the command.

The reply multi text area

You can add more reply commands and their replys quickly by clicking on ‘Multi line’ and adding the lines like ‘command,reply’.

The reply multi text area with the lines being added

They will be added like this.

Now going to the third method, which is random replying.

The random reply section

If you want to make the bot auto reply to replies that isn’t including the commands, you can add inputs there.

Now for the forth and final method available for tweeting, which is tweeting in a specific time and date.

The tweet time section

This is like Tweetdeck’s tweet schedule feature, except it’s on Twittbot.

You can only select the year from the current year to the next year, the month, the day, the hour, and the minute specified to tweet.

I believe it’s based on the Tokyo, Japan (GMT +9) time zone.

That is all for Twittbot and its features for tweeting. I hope I have explained as best as I could.

For any questions about it, leave a comment below or mention me on Twitter!