How I created my Twitter tweet bots (using Cheap Bots, Done Quick!)


If you ever wondered how I created my Twitter tweet bots like ‘Luigi as a tank’ and ‘Nanami Madobe Bot’…

Luigi as a tank's profile

Nanami Madobe Bot's profile

They both do the same job. which is tweeting images (and text for Nanami Madobe Bot) every amount of time.

If you want to make your own Twitter tweet bot, here’s how.

Assuming you want a Twitter bot that tweets one image every amount of time, and you have your account set up.

There are two websites that could easily create a service that auto-tweets.

These are ‘Cheap Bots, Done Quick!’ and ‘Twittbot’.

Cheap Bots Done Quick


For this post, we will first set up the bot using ‘Cheap Bots, Done Quick!’.

First, you sign in the website with Twitter clicking on this button.

Click on “Authorize app” to make it get access to your account, only for posting tweets.

Scrolling down to “Tracery JSON”, this is the code to create the bot.

You can make line generating tweets, but the main focus here is to simply creating a tweet bot that tweets static lines, images, and videos.

The site starts from the “origin” node, so you can delete the “alternatives” and “completely different” nodes.

The comma from the “origin” node also should be deleted.

Now, to add an image, there is a way.

For example, I have one tweet with an image.

The test tweet to add it to the bot.

Click on the arrow at the top of the tweet, and go to “Embed Tweet”.

You will be redirect to a new tab with a new page.

Scrolling down to the content of the page, there is code with a button that copies it.

Copy the code by pressing the button, and search for “”.

Copy the whole link, and paste it inside the “origin” node, like this.

This way also works with tweets with a video.

Now, If you want to enable the bot, scroll down at the bottom of the page.

There are three combo boxes. The first one is the amount of time to tweet, the second one is selecting whether to reply to mentions or not, and the third one is whether to share the tracery source or not.

If you select the bot to reply, there’s also a tracery JSON code for that.

You can set up custom reply commands, just like that.

Remember to save the configuration by clicking on the save button at the bottom of the page.

If you have enabled the bot, the tweets for it will have the label for the source of the account’s tweet as “Cheap Bots, Done Quick!”.

I hope I have explained correctly. If you have any questions regrarding my bots or tweet bots generally, leave a comment below!