How I started to love Windows 10 again as much as I loved the other supported versions


When Windows 10 was in the General availability status, I was proud there was a new version of Windows. I was using Windows 8.0 at that time. I really wanted to try out this new version of Windows. So, I had a clean copy installation of Windows 10 Pro, and installed it.

Note that I used to always use 32-bit versions of Windows.

After the installation, I liked most things in that version of Windows, including the UI design.

The performance was the same as the performance in Windows 8.0 and Windows 7.

I even used to use Google Chrome as my main web browser back then, and it was running fine.

Everything was ordinary, until after 2 years of using it, wrong things are happening.

In the middle of 2017, I encountered many Blue Screen of Deaths with different error codes. especially when I often use my web browser.

Just how I was tweeting back in that year.

The Blue Screen of Deaths were not the only issues. but there was also odd error messages occuring, mostly occurs for the Metro apps, such as 'Settings'.
(excuse my old, odd behavior.)

Here's the most odd error message I have encountered while using Windows 10. It first occured after getting a BSoD and then after logging in.

The error message reads:
* Location is not avaliable
* C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop is not accessible.
* Access is denied.

With only one button reads ‘OK’.

After pressing ‘OK’, I cannot access the desktop at all. I can’t even open any program.

As shows with this tweet, these are the situations that occurs this error message.

I can’t downgrade my operating system, as, I do have many programs and files as usual.

But then, In the 28th of October, 2017, I have downgraded to Windows 7. It was a fresh install.

I did not try out Windows 10 ever again, as there were many updates, features, and improvements, until, this year, I wanted to try it out again, after I tried out dual booting.

The experience was, well, kind of alright.

I guess I did not mention this while I was tweeting, but, the operating system's type is 64-bit. Which, makes the experience difficult suddenly. I can't even use my web browser frequently, and there were slowness.
After a few months of using Linux as my secondary operating system, I wanted to try out Windows 10 again this year, but the system type of it is 32-bit.

And, suprisingly, everything is alright in it!
The preformance is okay, I can use my web browser frequently, I can run Metro apps with no problems (but, some apps like 3D Viewer and Paint 3D lag. They may be unsuitable for my legacy hardware.)!

There was a few limitations, such as that my hardware not meeting the requirements for captures on Game bar, and the Windows Sandbox not being avaliable.

I stayed using it for more than a day, and honestly, It's like as I'm using my main operating system.